Five innovative new baby products

As the world of technology and gadgets advances at a rapid pace, so too does the products designed to make life that bit easier for the parents of babies and young children.

Take a look at five of the most innovative new baby products recently launched on to the market.

The NoseBudd

Our first innovative new baby product is the NoseBudd. This nifty little device was developed by a man who suffered from severe haemophilia – nosebleeds. Simply press the NoseBudd on to your child’s nose when a nosebleed occurs and the NoseBudd will stop the nosebleed immediately.

The Grobag Egg

As babies cannot regulate their own temperature, high temperatures within babies can be dangerous. Instead of being paranoid and worrying about the temperature of your baby’s nursery, let the Grobag Egg do the worrying for you. This digital thermometer changes colour if the temperature in your child’s nursery reaches potentially dangerous levels.

Micro Pod Nappy Bag

With global warming rising at alarming rates, recycling has never been so imperative. Teach your child about the importance of recycling from an early age with the Micro Pad Nappy Bag. Designed by Fleurville, this stylish bag is made from entirely recycled materials and is a great way for all environmentally and style-conscious mums to carry around their essential baby and toddler gear.

BARE Air-Free Baby Bottle

For babies that suffer from colic or excessive wind, purchasing a BARE Air-Free Baby Bottle might prove to be a sensible move. Featuring syringe-like dispensing technology, the BARE Air-Free Bottle prevents gas and air from being ingested by your baby. This innovative bottle also teaches a baby how to latch on properly with an expanding nipple that mimics the motion of a real nipple.

The Totbrush

This innovative, streamlined bottle brush has a snap-on cap and so can reach the stubborn areas of a bottle that are often difficult to clean. This state-of-the-art travel baby bottle brush also features a stainless steel telescoping arm that extends the brush to eight inches in length.