Five money saving tips for new mums

With all the nappies, baby wipes, clothes, products and other baby ‘essentials’ to buy, the arrival of a new baby usually means that a family’s budget becomes tighter.

Although another addition to the family needn’t be as expensive as you may think as there are certain steps mums can take to help save money.

Five money saving tips for new mums

Check out the following five money saving tips for new mums.

1. Make fabric softener last longer

With baby’s highly delicate skin, fabric softeners are essential to ensure that your baby’s clothes are silky and soft on her skin. Although with the hordes of washing that mounds up with a baby, new mums tend to get through washing powder and fabric softener as if it grew on trees!

One good tip to help fabric softener ‘go further’, is when it is half way through the bottle, top it up with water. You will barely notice a difference and it will last twice as long.

2. Accept hand-me-downs

Don’t feel like a charity case by accepting hand-me-downs, as on the contrary, friends and family who have baby clothes stored away in the cupboard doing absolutely nothing other than taking up space, will feel pleased and honoured that their old baby clothes have found a new home, thus saving you a fortune on baby clothes.

3. Renegotiate your mobile contract

Mobile phones can be a costly monthly expense and can easily be cut down with a touch of bargaining and threatening to go elsewhere!

4. Make use of carboots

Babies toys can be expensive and can often be picked up at carboot sales for a snippet of the price. Take advantage of second hand sales such as carboots and jumble sales and you will be likely to save a small fortune on products such as toys.

5. Make your own baby food

Jarred baby food is an expensive way to feed your little one once she is on solids. Making your own baby food can work out to be much more cost-effective, not to mention more nutritious.