Five of the best baby slings for mother and baby

Baby slings are simply fantastic! Not only are they completely safe, easy to use, extremely comfy and reassuring for baby, mean mum can have her valuable hands free, but they also help create a reciprocal unconditional union between mother and baby.

There are literally hundreds of baby slings available on the market, all varying a great deal in features and appearance, so knowing which one to choose can be a bit of a minefield. To help you decide, we’ve come up with five of the best baby slings for mother and baby.

Close Parent Baby Sling £57.50

Being made from soft, organic cotton and possessing wide and comfortable straps, which support baby’s neck and spine whilst evenly distributing the weight for mum, it is of little surprise the Close Parent Baby Sling has won multiple awards for best baby carrier. Its simple design means the carrier can be just pulled over your head and has no difficult buckles of clips to deal with. A ring mechanism can adjust the sling until it reaches maximum comfort for you and baby

Cocoon front carrier from Bush Baby £45

Baby can face either inwards or outwards in Bush Baby’s Cocoon front carrier, meaning he/she can enjoy the safely and security of being nestled into your body in those first few months, whilst being able to look around when he/she gets a little older. Having a separate harness and pouch and quick release buckles, means you can put baby in and out of the carrier relatively easily. Its padded head and back support means baby will be comfortable and well supported, whilst the pull out sun and rain hood will protect your little one from all the elements.

Freestyle Fleece Carrier from Tomy £30

With its soft, fleece lining, Tomy’s Freestyle Fleece Carrier provides an extremely cosy ride for your little one, and remains a firm favourite for many mums. Other notable features of this carrier include lumber support and padded shoulder pads, a dribble bib, soother holder and money belt – not bad for a significantly cheaper £30.

BabaSling Baby Sling Carrier £49.95

This hammock-style baby sling is designed so that it provides perfect harmony for your baby to get close to you, whilst providing essential support for your baby’s developing spine. In using a unique buckle system, you can unclip the sling quickly and simply, without disturbing your sleeping angel. The sling can be easily adjusted to cater for your baby’s rapidly changing needs, whilst being able to fit mums of all shapes and sizes.

3-way onyx carrier from Mothercare £29.99

The 3-way onyx, as well as allowing you to carry baby facing inwards and outwards,  offers an additional way of carrying your little one – piggyback style. This ultra-comfy carrier provides lumbar support, has a detachable head support cushion and comes equipped with dibble bibs and a soother holder.