Five of the best head lice remedies

So your child has the dreaded nits, now what? Head lice may be the bane of every parent’s life, but if your child does have nits, don’t panic, use one of the following remedies.

Here are five of the best head lice remedies so your child’s head will soon be free from nits once more.

Wet combing

Smoother your child’s hair with conditioner, put the hair into sections and comb each section with a fine toothcomb from the roots to the ends. Research has proven that this technique removes the nits in 57 percent of cases. As no treatment is required, the wet combing method of removing nits is the most economical one.

Dry combing

Use the same technique but on dry hair. The advantage of the dry combing technique over wet combing, is that the nits are easier to identify.

Tea tree oil

Research carried out by a leading head lice expert in Australia revealed that tea tree oil is the only treatment to achieve a 90 percent kill rate of nits over a three hour period. Place 2 – 3 drops of tea tree oil in your child’s regular shampoo and rub it onto her head, then comb through. Leave for approximately one minute before rinsing thoroughly. Repeat each day until the nits and their eggs have all been destroyed.


Lyclear is a chemical treatment which contains perethrin, an insecticide that destroys head lice. Lyclear Crème Rinse is easy to use, highly effective and is available from the chemist. Lyclear offers a range of head lice treatments, both insecticides and non-insecticides.

Hedrin Once

A recent clinical study of the best treatments of head lice revealed that Hedrin Once is the most effective nit removing product on the market, killing 100 percent of head lice in just 15 minutes. Hedrin Once is different to many other nit eliminating products available, as instead of containing an insecticide to poison the head lice, the silicon based liquid destroys the nits by preventing them from functioning and disturbing their water elimination process. Hedrin is convenient, highly effective, available from the chemist and can be used on babies as young as six months old.