Five of the best pregnancy tips

From tips about what to eat, to tips about what position is best to give birth, throughout your pregnancy you will be bombarded with pregnancy-related tips and advice about the baby.

If you are pregnant or are trying to conceive you may be feeling overwhelmed by all the advice, tips and ‘guidance’, when all you really want is some sound and logical information.

best pregnancy tips

If this sounds familiar then you will probably welcome the following five of the best pregnancy tips to help assist you in a happy, healthy pregnancy and labour.

Go bananas!

Many women suffer from excruciating cramp whilst they are pregnant, which is often caused by fluctuating hormones. Bananas contain high levels of potassium, which has been associated with helping preventing cramp. If you do suffer from cramp, eating bananas, particularly at bedtime can often help ward of painful cramp.

Eat apples!

Heartburn is one of the most common complaints during pregnancy, particularly during the latter stages. Eating an apple, for many women, works wonders in easing heartburn during pregnancy.

Invest in a bump band 

By investing in a bump band it will mean that you can stay wearing your normal clothes for long and put off the inevitable switch to maternity clothes. Bump bands disguise unbuttoned trousers as well as extending the life of non-maternity tops.

Take extra care of your teeth

When a woman is pregnant her teeth can become more sensitive and be more prone to inflamed and bleeding gums. It is therefore advisable to be extra diligent when it comes to looking after your teeth during pregnancy.

Use a birthing ball

In the latter stages of pregnancy it is a good idea to regularly use a birthing ball or even a yoga ball as gently bobbing up and down on it will help your baby engage a good position. Using a birthing ball throughout your pregnancy will also help tone your pelvic muscles and improve your posture.