Five places to take your newborn baby

New mums have a lot to cope with. Staying cooped up inside the house all day can often make a new mum feel lonely and isolated.

It is important that mums gets out and about, as it will not only give them a change of scenery but being in new environment will help keep baby entertained and contented too. Below are five places to take your newborn baby.


Many swimming pools provide mother and baby swimming sessions, which are a fantastic way to help build a baby’s strength and confidence. Mother and baby swimming groups are also a good way for new mums to get out and socialise, as well as being a good form of postnatal exercise. To see where your nearest mother and baby swimming groups is visit

Postnatal exercise groups

Postnatal exercise groups are a great place to get some gentle exercise, meet other mums and get some support and advice from the professionals running the group. Many health centres provide postnatal exercise groups, but they are also held in Sure Start Children’s Centres. Visit to see where your nearest postnatal exercise group is.

Breastfeeding groups

Many hospitals and medical centres hold breastfeeding groups, which provide support and advice to new mums about breastfeeding their babies. The meetings are great for socialising and meeting new people, as well as picking up and sharing baby-related tips. Ask your midwife where your nearest breastfeeding group is.

A walk to the park

Your little one may be far too young to appreciate a playground but he will enjoy a relaxing stroll to the park. Walking is a great way for new mums to get some gentle exercise, and they are also a good mothers’ meeting’ location as well. As your baby gets a bit older start putting him on the playground equipment, as it will help to develop his senses and awareness.

Baby drop-in weighing centres

Most health centres in the UK have a baby drop-in centre, where you can go and get baby weighed and ask a midwife for help and advice. The medical profession advises that you get a baby weighed regularly to check she is putting on weight at the correct rate. These drop-in groups are a great place to chat to new mums and exchange tips and advice, as well as getting some much needed expert advice without having to wait until your next visit from the health visitor.