Five simple sleep safety tips

You are not alone if thoughts of paranoia cause you to quietly creep into your baby’s nursery to check he is ‘ok’ during the night. It is completely natural for parents to worry about their baby’s safety whilst he is asleep.

There are several steps you can take to maximise a safe night’s sleep for your baby during those first ‘uneasy’ 12 months. Here’s five simple sleep safety tips.

1. Put baby to sleep on his back

Health experts recommend to reduce the risk of cot death, babies are put to sleep on their back from birth.

2. Put baby’s toes at the bottom of the cot

To ensure that your baby does not wriggle under his bed clothes it is important that you position him so that his toes are at the bottom of the cot.

3. Ensure baby’s head remains uncovered

Make sure that there is nothing covering or has the potential to cover your baby’s head during the night. Pillows can be a potential hazard and it is not recommended that you use a pillow in your baby’s cot, likewise toys, bumpers and duvets are not recommended to be put in a cot for the same reason.

4. Tuck in all bed clothes securely

Without wrapping him up too tightly, it is advised that all bed clothes should be securely fastened around your baby as this will eliminate the chances of your little one being covered by any sheets or bed clothes.

5. Never smoke in a room where your baby is sleeping

Exposing a baby to smoke can lead to a whole host of health complications including asthma, growth deficiency and even cot death. A clean, smoke free environment is the best place to bring up a baby and it is advised that parents who do smoke should try and give up. If you need help giving up smoking consult your doctor or health visitor.