Five survival tips for single parents

Raising a child has to be one of the most challenging and sometimes difficult of life’s journeys. For parent’s raising children on their own life’s ultimate challenge can sometimes seem impossible.

If you are a single parent and sometimes feel like you are struggling, the following five survival tips for single parents may help the journey run smoother.

Make friends with parents in similar situations

You may feel like you are alone in your quest to bring up your child solo, but you are not. Parents across the world are successfully bringing up their children on their own. The trick is getting out and meeting them so that you can enjoy the company, exchange advice and have some fun. can be a good place to start to meet other single parents.

Pay attention to yourself

With a baby or child or perhaps both to look after on your own, it is easy to neglect yourself and your own needs. Whilst a facial at a beauty salon would be nice, concentrate on gratifying your own basic needs, such as eating three healthy meals a day or spending time relaxing and watching ‘your’ programmes on television.


It may sound impossible with a child always in tow, but exercising can be achieved when you are a single parent. Instead of driving to the shops put the baby in the pram and walk there. Instead of catching the bus to the medical centre, walk there – the brisker the better.

Accept help

Some single parents have a tendency to prove to themselves they can do it and as a consequence can often decline help. If your mother, friend, neighbour or grandma offers to do your washing, cook the dinner or to take the children out for the afternoon, accept, you deserve it.

Take advantage of childcare

Try to get into a regular routine with babysitters and arranging childcare. For example, if somebody is available to babysit every Friday evening or Saturday afternoon, make this your ‘you time’ slot. Another good childcare approach is to regularly look after a friend’s or relative’s children one a week and then they return the favour the following week or on another day of the same week – this way you will get a break but no money need be exchanged.