Five time saving tips for mums

How can busy mums possibly fit more time into their hectic daily routines?

The following five time saving tips for mums may help you find a little spare time….

Shop from home

In the age of the internet it is possible to buy almost anything online. Take advantage of it. Instead of having to bundle your little ones in the car and drag them in and out of shops and the supermarket, wait until they are in bed, make a cup of tea and do all your weekly shopping online. Most of the major supermarkets make deliveries by the hour so you won’t have to wait around for your shopping.

Internet banking

If queuing up in a bank with a baby or a toddler isn’t high on your daily agenda, why not do all your banking via the internet. You can move money, set up payments and pay bills all from the leisure of your own home, an infinitely more favourable alternative to trudging around the high street banks with your brood in tow.

Cook and freeze

Whenever you cook a dish make twice the amount you usually make and freeze what you don’t need. Freezing dishes means your family will still benefit from your delicious home cooking but you won’t have to spend precious time in the kitchen, meaning you’ll have more time to relax and put your feet up.

Regulate the ironing

Watching a pile of ironing mound up is depressing to say the least. Instead of taking clothes directly from the machine and dumping them on the ironing pile, shake garments and even put them on hangers. This way when it comes to doing the ironing, clothes will not be as creased and crumpled, meaning the dreaded ironing does not take as long to finish.

Childcare swap scheme

If your friends or extended family also have young children talk to them about starting a child care swap scheme. Dedicate certain times of the week when a friend looks after the children and you return the favour on another day. Not only will you have some valuable time to yourself but it will also mean your children are mixing and socialising with other little ones