Five tips for choosing where to holiday with baby

Having a baby does not mean that holidays are over – no way! Sure, you now have another person to consider; vegetating under the boiling hot sun and all-day hiking are probably not going to happen, but you can still have an amazing, fun holiday – creating memories with the fabulous little person in your life.

Five tips for choosing where to holiday with baby

If this sounds a little too much like ‘easier said than done’ (what about routine sleep and too much sun and aeroplanes and slings and buggies and too many people…), don’t despair! Here are five great tips that will help you choose the perfect holiday:

1. Travel out of season: if you have older children of school-going age, travelling out of season is a long-gone luxury but if you are able to – do it! The weather in say, April, May, September and even October is usually comfortable, and the crowds are minimal, but places are still open and bussing so you still get some of the vibe that makes you feel like you are on holiday. This especially applies if you want to go somewhere beach-y.

2. Apply the ‘6-hour rule’: limit your destination choice to within a 6-hour flight window from the UK. Any longer with a baby in tow can be a stressful experience for parents and tots alike. – Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of online travel agency

3. Do a weather check: look at the average forecasts for your chosen destination at the time of year you will be travelling. Try to pick somewhere that the temperate isn’t going to be sky high, as keeping your baby cool and protected from harmful rays can be difficult. Around the mid-20s is a manageable heat with a small baby. – Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of online travel agency

4. Pack appropriately: an obvious statement but something not always easy to do. The most important thing when holidaying with a baby is that your little one is comfortable, otherwise none is going to have a good time. So, hat, SPF, loose fitting clothes if you’re beaching it, and warm stuff if you’re holidaying somewhere cold. It might also help to find out what baby essentials you can acquire in your holiday destination so that you don’t have to pack a mountain the size of Everest. And if you leave something behind, don’t panic; just get another one when you get there – it happens!

5. Do your research: if you don’t have the funds to pay extra for inclusive meals and you’ve opted for self-catering, have a look where the nearest shop is so that you can stock up on what you and your baby will need as soon as…Also check on opening times; if you arrive at an awkward time or on a Sunday shops might be closed, in which case you’ll have to make a plan (take food and anything else that you will need urgently with you).

Happy holidays!