Five tips on how to deal with newborn baby visitors

You are physically and emotionally exhausted and all you want to do is spend time with your newborn and your partner, but there is an incessant and seemingly never-ending stream of visitors to the hospital and the house, all eager and excited to see the new baby.

If this sounds familiar, or like a potentially familiar situation, then read the following advice on how to deal with newborn baby visitors.

Before the birth, warn your friends and family not just to ‘turn up’ at the hospital or at home but to call first. This way you can decide whether now is an appropriate time to have newborn baby visitors. If it isn’t just politely tell them so and say that perhaps later on or tomorrow would be better.

Do not feel that you have to clean up or make yourself look respectable for your visitors’ arrival. They will understand that you have just had a baby and that tidying up and putting your makeup on, or even getting out of your pyjamas, is not a priority.

* Ask your newborn baby visitors to help you. Visitors, generally speaking, love to feel that they are helping you out. Get them to make the cup of tea, do the washing up or even put the washing on, after all, you have enough to contend with.

If you don’t want your baby to be passed from stranger to stranger, then simply say so. These first few days are essential in building a bond between mother and baby, with contact being crucial. If you therefore want to concentrate on building this bond don’t feel obliged to ‘pass’ your baby around.

* On the other hand you could take advantage of your visitors’ presence and let them hold the baby to give you a well-deserved rest. Either way, it’s your call and your visitors should completely understand your wishes.