Five tips on how to decorate a nursery cheaply!

Whilst decorating a baby’s nursery can be an expensive business, there are certain steps and ‘tricks’ you can make to create a gorgeous, stylish and welcoming nursery without costing the Earth!

If you are doing up your baby’s bedroom and are conscious about the cost creeping up, then read the following tips on how to decorate a nursery cheaply!

how to decorate a nursery cheaply

Do a collage of photographs

Why not make the most of all those treasured first photos of your baby by making a collage and hanging in her nursery? From your scan photo at 20 weeks pregnant to the first picture when your baby’ popped out’, not only will you be able to enjoy looking at those precious photos, but having a collage on the wall will make a beautiful addition to the nursery.

Pin cute duvets or rugs to the walls

Rugs and quilts designed for babies come in many different designs, shapes, colours and sizes and don’t have to be confined to a cot or the floor and look great pinned to the wall of a nursery.

For example, if your baby’s nursery has been decorated with a ‘bedtime’ theme, pinning a bright yellow moon-shaped duvet to the wall will augment the look endlessly.

Paint your own letters

Pretty wooden hand-painted letters look great in a baby’s nursery, hence their popularity, although unfortunately such cute and pretty items can be expensive. Eradicate this expense by painting letters onto the walls of the nursery. Spelling out your baby’s name or painting the alphabet in bright colours can enhance the look of the room, as well as providing stimulation for your baby, and what’s more, acrylic paint costs a snippet of the price!

Use stencils

Similar to using paint, stencils are a great and affordable way to adorn letters to the walls and furniture of your baby’s nursery.

Hang up heirlooms

From the gorgeous and tiny baby grow you took your baby home from the hospital in, to the dress she wore for her christening, hanging up those precious heirlooms is a great way to add decoration and not to mention personalise your baby’s nursery.