Five tips on how to get your toddler into music

On top of developing concentration, co-ordination skills and improving confidence, music can be a great form of exercise among children.

With these multiple benefits many parents want to encourage their children to get into music. Below are five tips on how to get your toddler into music.

get your toddler into music

1 – Sing songs together

Singing with your child from a very early age can do wonders in igniting a passion for music, as well as developing language and co-ordination skills and building confidence. Start with singing basic nursery rhymes with your little one and gradually build up to more lengthy and complex songs.

2 – Encourage the use of instruments

It may be a rather loud activity but encouraging your child to bang away on a drum, blow into a recorder and pluck at a guitar, will introduce him to different instruments and the various sounds that they make, tuning in young ears to different musical tones and pitches.

3 –   Play in a band!

Starting a ‘band’ with your toddler can be a highly entertaining and fun activity. Designate Dad as the drummer, Mum as guitarist and your toddler as singer, and your make-believe band will do wonders in building up a musical rapport at a young age.

4 – Dance with your child

Put on your favourite songs on the iPod, pick up your child and dance around the room with him. Dancing with your child to your ‘own’ music will open up his mind to music of a more mature nature and is guaranteed to generate a few giggles! 

5 – Put background music on

Instead of having the television on in the background, playing music as a constant soundtrack in the home will be helpful in developing your child’s enthusiasm for music. Having music on constantly in the background can be particularly helpful if there is repetition in places, as it will help ‘tune’ your child to certain melodies, instruments and sounds.