Five tips on how to have a happy, healthy family

Being a parent can be hard work and unfortunately doesn’t come with a manual!  Every parent wants their children and family to grow up healthily and happily and whilst parents cannot guarantee the happiness of their children, there are certain steps we can take to help our families thrive.

Below are five tips on how to have a happy, healthy family.

Spend quality time with your children

Being a parent of young children there will be some days when you don’t have time to sit down for a few minutes! Juggling parenthood, work and household chores can be demanding but a foundation on how to have a happy, healthy family is that parents put some time aside in the week for spend some quality time with their children.

Whether it be a kick about in the park with a football on a Saturday afternoon or eating Sunday lunch together, your children and family will benefit from spending some precious time together.

Advocate healthy eating

Providing your children with healthy home cooked meals brimming with fresh food and vegetables will help them grow up strong and their immune systems able to ward off germs and diseases.

Try to keep frozen microwave meals and takeaways to the minimum and prepare plenty of home cooked meals bursting with nutrition and protein.

Get cosy!

Make sure your children feel loved and reassured by tucking them up in bed each night in a clean, warm and cosy bed and tell them that you love them.

This way they will go to sleep feeling warm, loved and reassured.

Be creative

Instead of allowing young children to sit in front of the television all day, turn off the TV and spend half an hour or an hour drawing, painting or making something creative with your child.

Encouraging your child to get creative from an early age will help them develop their imaginative side and in doing so may make them feel more confident and ready to start school.

Encourage exercise

Sedentary lifestyles are bad for both children and adults so why not do some exercise together as a family? Try and designate and certain time each week to the family’s ‘exercising afternoon’.

Whether you all go for a walk together, or a bike ride, both the exercise and time spent together will help you all flourish as individuals and as a family.