Five tips on how to take great photos of baby

Babies, with their tendency to wriggle about and inability to keep still, are not the best subjects when it comes to photography.

There are certain methods however that you can follow to help you take a photograph that will do your baby the justice she deserves.

Here’s our five tips on how to take great photos of baby.

1 – Get closer

When taking any portrait remember the closer you are to the subject, the better the picture will be. Aim to fill two thirds of the shot with your subject.

2 – Be conscious of the background

Although most of the picture should be dominated by the baby, there is nothing that looks worse than nappies, toys and dirty washing featured in the photo! Before you take the shot, ensure the background is acceptable and that there is nothing in the background that will avert one’s eyes from your gorgeous baby.

3 – Try a use natural light

Lighting can mean the difference between a good photo and a bad one. Generally speaking the more natural light in a photo the better.

Look at where the source of light that is lighting up your baby – the subject – and never shoot directly into the light as it may cast a shadow on the subject. Also, whenever possible, use natural light instead of a flash.

4 – Be adventurous

Experiment with the photographs of your child and take pictures from different angles, such as from above or below, at different times of day including the night and on different settings.

5 – Take personality shots

Whilst it is great to capture shots of your little one smiling, photos of her looking serious, cross or even crying can be a fantastic memoir of this enthralling stage of your child’s development.