Five top baby massage tips

Massaging a baby has multiple benefits for both baby and parents. Not only can it help develop bonds between infants and their mums and dads but it can also help reduce the symptoms of conditions such as colic and even promote a better night’s sleep.

If you are keen to start massaging your baby, or perhaps you have been massaging your little one for quite some time but what are eager to get more out of it, take a look at the following five top baby massage tips.

baby massage tips

Get warm and comfortable

As massaging your bundle of joy is relaxing for both you and your baby, you may be massaging her for quite some time! It is therefore important that you are both warm, relaxed and comfortable.

Choose a warm, cosy place to massage your baby, such as on her changing mat or on her favourite blanket and ensure that you are sitting comfortably yourself and that your back is not hunched over.

Use baby massage oil

You may be keen to massage your baby with massage oil, although as your baby has extremely delicate and sensitive skin, it is advisable to steer clear of conventional massage oil and stick to using baby massage oil, which is specifically designed with a baby’s sensitive skin in mind.

Take off any sharp jewellery and keep those nails filed!

Your baby definitely won’t thank you if she is being blissfully massaged one minute and is prodded with a sharp nail the next.

To avoid this situation ensure that you take off any sharp jewellery and that your nails are nice and smooth before you massage your baby.

Take baby’s nappy off

To help prevent your baby from getting nappy rash and to give her some nappy free time, take all her clothes off including her nappy to massage her.

Just remember to put a towel underneath her and have some baby wipes close by!

Have a drink close by

The chances are that your baby will be so relaxed during the massage that she will fall asleep. If this is the case then take advantage by snuggling down with a drink and spend some time relaxing yourself!