Five top games to play with your 6-month-old

At six months many babies can sit (but not all so don’t panic if your babs isn’t sitting quite yet) as well as roll over and grasp objects with relative vigour.

It’s a really fun age! And a great time to introduce some new games into your little one’s play routine.


Here are five fun activities that your 6-month-old is sure to love:

Aeroplane-aeroplane: flying your baby around the room, in other words. My husband used to do this at warp speed (rocket ship-style) and our daughter loved it! And I used to balance my baby on my feet and elevator her up and down. Super fun!

Balls: balls are especially fun if your 6-month-old can sit, even if he/she is propped up by a million cushions. My eldest daughter really loved playing with a ball at this age – I would roll it to her and she quickly learnt to roll it back, giggling maniacally.  My youngest daughter, however, was petrified of balls until she was at least a year old. I imagine she is not the majority though, so definitely try a ball game!

Peek-a-boo: if this elicits laughs from your babs you will do it over and over and it will never become tedious. I promise.

Animated play: I have always used my girls’ toys and teddies to talk to them in funny voices but I will never forget it was when my eldest was 6-months that I randomly took an orange care bear teddy and made him walk down the passage toward her and she erupted in a great riot of giggles. I did it again and again to the same effect.  I think ‘animated play’ is a fun way to engage your six-month-old but definitely be prepared for a few ‘what the …?’ looks from your little one!

Dance with your baby: put on your favourite tune, pick up your babs and do a jiggle. And even sing along too. It’s a good way to get your babs engaged with music and movement – as a simultaneous exercise.

The above list includes some of my favourite 6-month-old baby games. What are yours?