Five top toys for 0-6 months

Choosing toys for your children can be a laborious process – there is so much to choose from and as a first time parent how are you supposed to know which toys are the good ones?

I remember trying to pick out stuff for my now three-year-old daughter before she was born and I didn’t have a clue. 

Two children later I’ve sort of learnt what sort of toys babies seem to like. That said; children are different so something appreciate by one child may be ignored by another.

Here’s my five top toys for 0-6 months:

1) Playmat/Gym – these are great because your baby can lie on it from day one and will probably carry on playing with it past the six month mark (probably until your babs is crawling). Kiddicare has a load of fun play gyms to choose from.

2) Maracas – the first thing my oldest daughter grasped was her Maracas (which was named Molly). They’re noisy and fun. I’d say that the most important thing when choosing a maracas is to get one that’s a baby-friendly size. Not too big in other words. The Ladybug Maracas by New Classic Toys are really cute.

3) Touchy/feely books – I don’t think that children are even too little for books. When your babs is newborn,  he’ll enjoy sound of your voice as you read and as soon as he shows interest in the objects around him books with interesting textures are both fun and stimulating. Usborne’s “That’s not my…” collection is cool.

4) Winkel Teethers by Manhattan are fab for small babies – the toy is a brightly coloured maze of tube-like, plastic loops that are connected. The toy is engaging, totally chewable and easy to grip. Love this! CLICK HERE to view.

5) A teddy – babies love to cuddle and love to grab, and a teddy is a great bedtime buddy. Just be sure to get a teddy that is baby friendly – i.e. no beaded eyes or small pieces that a baby could potentially pull off and choke on.

The thing with babies is; they are often happy to occupy themselves with the simplest of objects. Both my girls would be entertained by a spoon or my mascara tube; a favourite was the compact mirror cum brush in my handbag.

There is no need to spend lots of money on toys that will be barely being played with. A few fascinating things will be fine!

What is/was your small baby’s favourite toy?