Five useful breastfeeding tips!

As well as providing all the essential vitamins and minerals for a baby, breast milk is a special way for mum and infant to bond.

Although far from always being plain sailing, many mothers can find breastfeeding problematic, particularly in those first few weeks.

useful breastfeeding tips

If you are having a few problems with breastfeeding you may find the following five breastfeeding tips useful.

Feed on demand

Instead of watching the clock and sticking to strict routines, maybe try going with your instincts, and your baby’s, and if she is crying and rooting for food, feed her, even if her last feed may have only been an hour ago.

Feeding on demand will ensure that your baby gets all the food she wants and it will mean that you don’t get too obsessed by clock watching and routines.

Attend a breastfeeding class

Most antennal hospitals and baby clinics provide breastfeeding classes where mums can go and get advice from professionals and other mums about breastfeeding related issues.

Use lanolin ointment on sore nipples

Nipples can become sore whilst breastfeeding, particularly if baby isn’t latching on properly.

Sooth cracked, dry and sore nipples by gently patting lanolin ointment on them twice a day.


If your baby is fretful and refusing to latch on to the breast it can understandably make mums distressed and anxious. It is important to try and remain calm and relaxed as comforting vibes are likely to rub off on your baby and may mean the difference between your baby latching on well and feeding, or not.

Use a warm compress

When a mother’s milk first ‘comes in’, her breasts can become engorged, swollen and sore, which may even lead to blocked ducts. Using a warm compress, such as a heated pad or warm flannel can help soothe the breasts, promote the milk flow and in doing so reduce the swelling.