Five very useful baby products

It is quite easy for new parents and parents-to-be to go completely overboard on baby products. Whilst filling the house with unnecessary and superfluous things won’t do the space you have in the house or your bank balance any favours, there are certain very useful baby products.

Here are five of them!

useful baby products

A nursing bra

Mums who wear a nursing bra whilst they are breastfeeding simply couldn’t go back to wearing a ‘conventional’ bra. Not only do nursing bras provide additional support for full, heavy and tender breasts, but with built-in and easy to use nursing clips, they are designed to make breastfeeding easier.

Baby slings

Baby slings are great for several reasons – Not only do they mean you can carry baby about whilst having your hands free to get on with other chores but in having your baby nestled so close to your body, they can also help to develop a bond between you and your baby. Not only this, but unlike many baby carriers, baby slings are easy to get baby in and out of.

Feeding support pillow

Being slouched over for hours every day as you feed your baby won’t do your posture or back any favours. Not only does supporting your baby as she feeds by using a feeding support pillow eliminate the need for hunching, but it also makes the whole feeding process more relaxed and comfortable for both you and your baby. 


Feeding babies can be a messy affair, particularly when you start them on solids! To lessen the load going into your washing machine placing a bib around your baby is good advice! Plastic bibs that can be simply wiped clean are often preferable to cotton ones that will require washing although plastic bibs are not entirely suitable for newborns.

Disposable nappies

Long gone are the days when parents had to spend hours boiling and washing nappies. The arrival of disposable nappies gave mums everywhere more time to tend to their baby and other things and whilst we now may take them for granted, spare a thought for your parents or grandparents who are likely to have had the back-breaking task of washing nappies all day long!