Five Ways to Get Things Done with a Newborn 

You wouldn’t think it–but, a tiny human, barely communicable and pretty much immobile, can bring life as you know it to a crashing halt. Once baby makes his grand entrance, it’s fairly standard for all your old routines to go out the window; but eventually, stuff will still need to get done – at least the essentials. Here’s five tips to help you get through your daily to-do list (kinda).

Small baby

Get Baby on Board

Baby carriers aren’t just totes adorable; they free up your hands to do chores, tend to toddlers, or simply catch a break and a cuppa outside of the confines of your abode – all while bubs snoozes. Invest in the best you can get to ensure both of your postures are properly supported.


Whether or not ‘baby brain’ is real, you’ll still probably feel frazzled trying to keep up with errands and events whilst you adjust to the 2am wakings and relentless conveyor belt of bum changes, feeds, and shushing-patting-rocking-jiggling to sleep. Keep the important stuff to remember front and centre – a wall-mounted calendar in the kitchen works well; right where you stock the caffeine, preferably.


Give your kids and partner tasks to alleviate the pressure of doing it all yourself. Obviously, this means you will need to relinquish control and the fantasy of a pristine home – do it. There will come a time when you can take over the reins; but by then, you just might realise that the little things are not actually the big things.


Deactivate your Pinterest account. Unless you’re solely looking for time-savvy ways to get dinner on the table. Forget fancy recipes. Forget unnecessary projects. And if older children’s extracurricular schedules are making you manic, consider cutting back. You might find that some of their activities are really just time-fillers; kids can actually be perfectly content playing at home!

Have Another 

When you have your first, you wonder how you’ll ever get anything done; when you have your second, you laugh at how you struggled the first time around. Parenting is a learned skill, not some innate talent. Give yourself a break if there’s towers of dishes and mountains of laundry marinating in various corners of the house – soon retrospect will make you see that housework never ends, but babyhood is over in a fleeting moment.