Five ways to entertain a toddler….whilst laying down!

Given the demanding, restless and excitable nature of toddlers, our beloved tots are not the best in remaining ‘quiet’ or ‘still’ when you are ill or exceptionally tired.

If you find that you are literally unable to ‘stand up’ whilst your over-active toddler demands your attention, you may find the following five ways to ‘entertain a toddler whilst laying down’ useful to say the least! 

Get your toddler to read you a story

You may not be able to sit up and read your little one a book but that doesn’t mean to say that your toddler can’t read to you.

Get your toddler to snuggle beside you with her favourite book and read you the story, which will either be completely made up or her own version of the story – Either way toddlers reading to their parents is highly amusing!

Play doctors and patients

Now this one goes without saying! Stay lay on the bed and let your child play doctor and take your pulse, give you ‘injections’ and bring your ‘medicine’.

The doctor and patient game works even better if your toddler has her own doctor’s kit!

Bring out the colouring books

It is when you are ill that colouring books really come ‘into their own’. Open a bumper colouring book and search out the most colourful felt tips and let your little one get scribbling!

Pretend that you are the Queen!

Develop your toddler’s imagination whilst you enjoy a much-needed lie down by pretending you are Queen and need to be waited on hand and foot.

Toddlers, generally speaking, love playing Kings and Queens, although, be warned, most are likely to demand that they then have a turn at being King or Queen!