Five ways to help soothe a baby

All babies cry, and while some cry more than others, it is a parents’ instinct to want to soothe their child and stop her crying.

There are several methods you can try and calm your baby and stop her from crying. Below are five ways to help soothe a baby.

1. Swaddling

When a baby is inside its mother’s womb it feels extremely snug and secure, therefore wrapping a baby up fairly tightly in a sheet or blanket – known as swaddling – can have a very reassuring effect on some babies.

2. Hold your baby close

Similar to the swaddling effect, holding your baby close to you will help her feel secure and may calm her down. The added advantage of holding your baby close to your chest is that they can hear your heartbeat, which, as your little one could hear their mother’s heartbeat in the womb, can be comforting to babies.

3. Walk your baby around

A distressed baby can often be soothed by going for a walk, either in someone’s arms, in a sling, or in a pram or buggy. Babies generally become more relaxed when they can feel a rhythm and consequently can often fall asleep when they are in a pram or a car.

4. Sing your baby a lullaby

While some may think soothing a baby with a lullaby may be an antiquated old wives tale, some babies can be significantly calmed when listening to a lullaby. Gently rocking your baby whilst singing her a lullaby can help calm her down and stop her from crying.

5. Give your baby something to suck on

Many babies feel comforted by sucking on an object and the urge to suck can be extremely strong for some babies. If you find that your baby is calmed down by the sucking motion, let her suck on your finger or a soother when she is distressed, just always ensure they are clean.