Five ways to make your baby’s bed safe

Babies born in my parents’ generation slept on their tummies; the theory was that it decreased the risk of choking. Nowadays, doctors advise that babies should sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) – according to research.

SIDS is most common in babies aged 1 – 4 months but is still a concern until babies are 12 months old. So – ‘baby on back’ is the preferable position.

Five ways to make your baby’s bed safe

One of my daughters slept on her back, and the other one slept on her belly (it was the only way). However you choose to help your babs come to terms with the art of sleep, it’s important to know what the experts say.

Other than sleep position, there are other ways to make your baby’s bed safe:

1. A firm mattress.

2. A fitted sheet.

3. An empty bed – no pillows, blankets, teddies etc.

4. Don’t overheat the room.

5. Don’t overdress your baby.

They’re fairly strict rules that should be applied with a little savvy. The experts aren’t really sure what causes SIDS but they have worked out the best formula they can to try and limit its occurrence.

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