Five ways to stop siblings fighting

All brothers and sisters fight at some point; it is a natural part of growing up. If however, your children’s battles seem to be becoming far too frequent or aggressive, you may find yourself pulling your hair out, at the end of your tether and desperate for you all to live as one happy family.

Whilst some experts advise to let kids sort out their arguments between themselves, as they are pulling each other’s hair out and screaming blue murder to one another, letting them resolve it privately is easier said than done.


There are several steps you can take that may, only may, help to stop siblings fighting and ease the sibling rivalry that has seemed to taken over your house.

1. A great tip to stop siblings fighting is to keep boredom at bay, which is a leading contributor to children fighting, by occupying and playing with them before boredom sets in.

2. Try not to give one child more attention than the other, as children, who feel accepted, loved and who are not battling for the attention of their parents, are less inclined to fight other children in the house.

3. Implement standards and respect for other people in the home at a young age. Teach your children that it is rude to call other people names, pull their hair or kick them early on and they will be less inclined to want to hurt their siblings both verbally and physically.

4. Both hunger and tiredness can lead to rowing siblings so try and keep hunger and tiredness at bay. If you do feel that your children are tired or hungry, rectify the problem by making them something to eat, putting them to bed, or, failing that, keeping them away from each other.

5. The chances are your children are fighting about trivial and insignificant issues. It is therefore important that you try and deal with their feelings rather than the issue