Foldable baby bath – perfect for small bathrooms!

Babies are great! They’re fabulous in every way. But boy do they come with a lot of stuff! I recently went to visit one of my mummy pals, who just brought home her beautiful new baby son…to her rather small-sized London flat, and when I offered my pal a baby bath that we are no longer using, she gratefully declined because she had already purchased a foldable one! A FOLDABLE BABY BATH!

Foldable baby bath – perfect for small bathrooms!

Those plastic baths are useful and all but they are a storage nightmare, awkward in size and not really fitting anywhere (which is why I am trying ditch ours); a foldable bath makes brilliant sense ion smaller spaces.

Baby company Stokke ( does a Flexi Bath (the very same one my mummy friend uses) that folds flat making it super easy to store. The bottom of the bath has a non-slip surface and a drain plug for easy emptying. It can take up to 39 litres of water, expanding to the correct size when filled. And get this – Flexi Bath is suitable for children aged 0 – 4 years!

What’s useful about the Flexi Bath design, other than its obvious space-saving character, is that it can be packed in a suitcase and hauled along on holiday, and once your child has outgrown the bath it can be used as a toy box or even a laundry basket – there are loads pf creative thins to be done with it.

If you’d like to find out more about Stokke’s Flexi Bath (which comes in a variety of six colours), visit ( Baths are also available on Ebay and Amazon.