FoodWiz – A new food app

I’m a mum, I have two daughters, and I am super picky about what they eat. I am lucky enough that they aren’t allergic to anything but I try and do the whole fresh, organic (as far as budget will allow) and preservative/sugar free thing.

Basically, I spend a whole of time reading labels in food aisles, checking for anything dodgy – shopping can be a bit tedious.

If, like me, you’re a picky mum or your baby is allergic to everything and you spend ages trying to find food that accommodates your lifestyle, FoodWiz is a new food app that might make things a bit easier.

The aim of FoodWiz is to improve your shopping experience by quickly displaying what you want to know about products. All you do is point the camera on your Phone at a Product barcode, and the FoodWiz App will instantly display information on the lifestyle choices selected.

The FoodWiz Food App can be used to avoid or select foods based on allergen content, or for ethical reasons too. In association with Allergy UK, Asda, and Tesco, the FoodWiz App provides information on over 60,000 retail products sold in the UK.

Updates to the database are made every day.

If you’re about to start your little one on solids but aren’t too sure yet about the crazy world of baby food and all its options; this app might help you get your ducks in a very happy row!

Visit for more info, including a very nifty YouTube vid that’ll teach you how to use the food app.