Ford’s New Crib that Mimics a Car Ride

Baby having trouble nodding off? Pop him in a car seat, drive around the block…lights out – is how the tried-and-true maxim goes. A tad impractical at 3am; but desperation is the mother of motivation. It’s likely also the mother of invention — which is why there’s little surprise at the new concept crib by Ford of Spain – a high-tech bassinet that replicates a night trip on the tarmac.

Ford Cot

Simulating the vibrations, sounds and lights of a nighttime car ride, the Max Moto Dreams is probably the one nursery essential parents will be happy to shell out for. The ‘smart’ crib’s speakers emit low engine sounds, LEDs mimic the warm luminescence of street lights, and vibrations and gentle rolls induce the lulling effect of a vehicle in motion.

“There are different cots on the market that make sound or movements,” says Paulo Areas, Creative Director at Ford’s marketing agency, Ogilvy Spain. “But for us, making a strong connection between the cot and the car was key: our design is made to transfer your preferred car ride to the crib.”

The crib doesn’t come with a default ‘theme’, however; it’s customised to your discerning little insomniac: parents drive along a preferred route, use a corresponding smartphone app to record the engine’s rumbling lullaby and the distinct choreography of the car’s motions, and sync the data to the cot, turning off and on as needed. “Parents can set a timer, or they can choose a specific journey to recreate,” says Areas.

Of course, sleeping babies are not Ford’s target market; the idea is being used to promote the family-friendly CMax & SMax series, so only one crib has been made thus far – which is being raffled for charity by the company’s Spanish arm (so it’s probably not available in the UK!).

Best get that engine running, then.