Forget Frozen – Hotdog is the New Princess!

We’re so used to seeing girls swathed in kitschy princess regalia at every special occasion/ trip to Tesco that we assume that’s the only way they all want to dress; the sole fantasy identity every little lady wishes to assume.

hot dog princess

As mum to a mini Frozen fanatic myself, this kinda worries me. Because peer pressure is a near irrepressible force, and I want my daughter to value the real beauty behind being an individual.

Something needs to change.

And that’s where the hotdog comes in.

Enter 5-year-old Ainsley, who, instead of going the expected cutesy route for ‘Princess Week’ at her dance school in North Carolina, USA, she chose…
…a hotdog. Complete with ketchup.

hot dog princess

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Her teacher, Sarah Nativi, and her friend, Grayson Lamontagne, thought it was so awesome they decided to share the pic on Twitter – and soon it went viral.
“She loves princesses, but she wanted to be original and wear a hot dog costume instead,” Sarah told Buzzfeed.

Sarah says she chose to share the image because “it was so innocent and cute, and also because I was so impressed with how confident a little girl could be with herself to just wear whatever she liked the best”, also revealing that “she wore a princess costume underneath it and said she was a princess on the inside!”

The hashtag #hotdogprincess is now trending, with a multitude of supporters celebrating the pint-sized revolutionary’s quirk and confidence – something so many of us spend our whole lives trying to cultivate – or at least passably imitate.

“In a world full of princesses, dare to be a hot dog,” said one.

“Be the #hotdogprincess you want to see in the world,” said another.

Personally, I love that the world finally has a reprieve from the Elsa overload – in the simple shape of a processed sausage and accompanying condiment.

Who knew overthrowing the Ice Maiden would look like this?