Four tips for healthy eating toddlers

Toddlers are notoriously fussy eaters and if your toddler isn’t a fussy eater then you are probably in a lucky minority! It is in every parent’s interest that their toddler has a healthy well-balanced diet yet it isn’t always in a toddler’s interest!

If meal times are a constant battle for you and your feel that your toddler is not getting enough essential vitamins and nutrition his body requires, then you may find the following Four tips for healthy eating toddlers useful.

Four tips for healthy eating toddlers

1 – Make mealtimes a fun and social affair by eating at the table with the whole family. You could even try introducing playing games at the table, such as ‘I Spy’, to ignite an interest in mealtimes in your toddler.

2 – Offer your toddler, and the rest of the family, food from various dishes on the table consisting of various food types, including carbohydrates in the form of pasta, potatoes or bread, several varieties of vegetables, protein from meat or fish, and dairy in the form of eggs or cheese. Giving your youngster the ‘responsibility’ of choosing what goes on his plate will make him feel more ‘grown up’ and could lead to him eating more.

3 – Never force feed your child as this will only augment his dislike to certain foods. Respect what your youngster tells you that he dislikes and move on to trying something new.

4 – Limit the amount of snacks your toddler is having in between meals as trying to feed a toddler who is a fussy eater and who is not even hungry, will be an almost impossible task!