Four tips on how to stop baby hiccups

Hiccups are caused by a sudden tightening of the diaphragm when we swallow too much air and in babies, as in adults, are completely normal. Hiccups in babies are very common due to the fact that babies tend to swallow air when they feed.

Whilst hiccups in babies will not harm a baby in any way you may be interested to hear several tips that may stop baby’s hiccups or help prevent them from occurring.

stop baby hiccups

How to stop hiccups in babies

1 – Wind your baby

As hiccups in babies are caused by swallowing air, winding your baby after she has been fed can prevent her from getting hiccups. Hold your baby against your shoulder and gently pat or rub her back until she brings up wind.

2 – Water

Drinking water has multiple benefits on babies, children and adults alike. One of these benefits is being a viable cure for the hiccups! If your baby is finding it difficult to stop hiccupping, give her a sip of cooled boiled water and it may just stop the hiccups!

3 – Sucking on a pacifier

Many parents assert that getting their baby to suck on a pacifier, more commonly known as dummies; can be an effective way to stop hiccups. Whilst there is no medical ‘explanation’ to why sucking a pacifier may help control hiccups, in the same way sucking a dummy can help take a baby’s mind of the cramps caused by colic in her tummy, it may also take her mind off the hiccups! 

4 – Move baby into another position

If your baby has uncontrollable hiccups, try moving her into another position, as it may dislodge trapped air in her tummy and finally stop the dreaded hiccups in babies!