Four toddler food nutrition tips

Babies, toddlers and young children can be notoriously difficult eaters, who, if something doesn’t contain lashings of sugar, turn  their noses up and refuse to eat it! Even if you are in the lucky minority and your little one likes a variety of foods and eats well, many parents would like to see their children consuming a healthier diet.

The truth is we can make our children’s diets healthier by making a few simple changes. Below are four toddler food nutrition tips.

Toddler food nutrition tips

Ditch ice-cream for frozen yoghurt

Kids love ice-cream but frozen yoghurt can be equally as delicious and contains considerably fewer calories and less sugar than ice-cream!

Frozen yoghurt comes in many different delicious flavours, so you are bound to find one that your little one likes!

Add veggies to pizzas

Veggies and toddlers are not synonymous! You can however ‘trick’ your young child into eat more veggies by disguising them on to their favourite foods.

For example, if your toddler loves pizza, simply put some sliced tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms on to the pizza, you could even disguise the veggies further by putting another layer of cheese over them!

Opt for potato veggies over French fries

Whilst most toddlers dislike vegetables they love chips, which, of course, when eaten regularly are unhealthy and fattening.

However carbohydrates and potatoes are an essential part of a young child’s diet and it is important that your little one consumes carbohydrates daily.

Thicker, potato-wedge type chips contain less oil and fat than French fries or more thinly cut chips, and are especially healthier if cooked in olive oil.

Add water to juice

Many older babies and toddlers love juice and whilst most juice contains vitamin C and is considerably healthier than fizzy pop, most juices do contain high amounts of sugar. You can make juice healthier and contain less sugar by simply diluting it with water. To maintain the taste of the juice little ones have grown used to, dilute two thirds of a cup of juice with one third of water.