Four Weird But Normal Things About Your Newborn

Newborns may be human, but there’s some things you’ll discover about your precious little bundle that could make you doubtful. Rest assured, it’s all totally normal—no matter how weird.

Newborn baby girl in hostpital bed sleeping. Caucasian female with adorable hand near her face.

Cradle Cap

This is the yellowish, crusty stuff that sometimes covers a baby’s scalp. It’s linked to hormonal fluxes from mum, and stimulates excess sebum secretion which makes dead skin cells clump and stick to the scalp. Cradle cap may look icky, but it’s harmless, and tends to clear up within a few months, sometimes a bit longer.

Explosive Poop

Sounds catastrophic, and usually is. For your laundry, that is. But it’s best to make peace with this fairly common occurrence. Because newborns’ diet is strictly milk, their poop will be liquid; the result being loads of leakages—and the occasional rocket blast when combined with gas propulsion.

Weird Noises

Babies make sweet gurgles and coos. And they also make sounds a lot less delicate. Expect grunting, snorts, and other acoustics defiant of human description. These odd auditory assaults are down to the narrow nasal passages of your newborn, which can get easily plugged up with mucus.

Cross Eyes

Your baby’s eyes will take some time to focus as the optic muscles strengthen. While this happens, your little one can appear cross-eyed. The effect can also seem more pronounced because those extra skin folds and a broader newborn nose could hide a lot of the whites of the eyes, leading to the optical illusion of cross-eyedness called pseudoesotropia.

Via The Bump