Free gifts for children!

From the neighbour coming round with some adorable baby grows when your baby was first born, to the grandparents showering him with a constant trickle of presents all year round, many parents worry that their child is being a little bit ‘spoilt’ in the present stakes.

Whilst it’s very nice for your little one to receive a brand new racing car just because well, it’s the weekend, showering a young child with too many gifts may create a lifelong expectancy of presents.

It can therefore be a good idea to keep the new toys and clothes as being confined to being special treats for birthdays and Christmas, because in actual fact the best gifts you can give your child are free.

Here are five free gifts for children!

A cuddle

Perhaps the biggest gift you can give your little one is a cuddle. Cuddling your child, whether it is when he is a baby, toddler, pre-schooler or any age for that matter, can help build bonds, say sorry, and make your child feel loved.


Children are unlikely to grow up confident and thrive if they are continuously being put down, told off and criticised.

Whilst you don’t want to give your child an unnecessary super-ego, praising him, when he deserves it, and providing him with constructive encouragement will go a long way in building your child’s self-esteem.

Let him work things out by himself

Many parents, if they see their child struggling with something, can have a tendency to ‘jump in’ and help out. Whilst providing assistance is great, try and let your child work out the problem himself as this will also help your child develop feelings of self-capability and confidence.

Share values

One component of positive parenting is to share positive values with your child. Young children often have a tendency to copy their parents and this can be positively exploited. If for example, you are watching a film together, tell your child if you ‘approve’ of a character and explain why what they are doing is good and kind.

This will help a young child grasp an understanding of empathy and what is right and wrong.

Speak respectfully to your child

Being a parent is an extremely challenging job and one that requires a huge amount of patience. Whilst it is easy for even the most patient of parent to ‘lose it’ every now and then, there is one ‘guideline’ that every parent should follow – Only speak to your child how you would expect them to speak to others.