Fun Activities for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Family time is so important. But in a busy world it’s often something that takes a back seat in amongst the chaos of day-to-day life. Just taking a little time to do something together can have a great effect on family dimensions, strengthen relationships and develop deeper bonds.

Fun activities for the whole family to enjoy

As your little ones get older, why not try a few of these things?

Wash the car

Kids will love getting wet and helping make the car all nice and clean and shiny. On a hot day this is also a great way for everyone to keep cool!

Bake together

Mixing, pouring and decorating cakes or cookies are great ways to bring the family together – not to mention the eating afterwards!

Make art

Buy a big canvas from a shop and get creative with some paints – use brushes, hands or feet and make a family work of art.

Go picking

Find a local farm where you can pick fruit and veg – collect some goodies and bring them home to cook, eat and enjoy!

Camp out

Pitch a tent in the garden or even somewhere in the house, and enjoy a camp out together. Make yummy snacks, tell stories and sing songs together.

Movie night

Forget cooking for a night. Grab the duvets down, get a takeaway, buy a bag of popcorn, turn the lights down, put on a family film and bring the cinema into your living room.

Dress up

Kids love dressing up, so let’s get mum and dad involved too! Get a load of clothes out, mix and match funny outfits, put on clothes that are too big or too small – a sure fire way to get everyone having a laugh!

Play games

Cards, board games, hide and seek… playing games is a great – and easy – way to enjoy time as a family.

Slide show

Ok, perhaps not an actual projector, but looking through photos together is a great way to relive memories and introduce your children family members they may never have met.