Fun ways to develop number skills in under fives

Teaching your child about counting and maths need not be a laborious task. On the contrary numbers skills can be developed in many new and exciting ways.

Awareness about measurements and shapes can play an important role in young children learning about maths and numbers and this awareness can be formed through various ways, such as interactive play, stories, games and even cooking.

Below are several tips on how to develop number skills in children under five.

Singing counting nursery rhymes such as ‘Ten Green Bottles’ can be a fun and enjoyable way to develop number skills in children under fives.

* Ask your child questions such as ‘how many chairs are there is this room?’ Children, generally speaking, love to be asked questions and do their best to answer them correctly. Regularly asking your youngster to count items is important in developing maths skills.

* Playing dice games such as ‘Snakes and Ladders’ is a fun way to get your child used to numbers.

* Point to different numbers around the home and outside, such as house numbers and numbers on clocks and your child will love telling you what each number is.

* Involving your child in weighing the ingredients for baking and cooking can be a great and ‘sneaky’ way to develop a child’s sense of measurements and numbers.

* Use a tape measure and ask your toddler to measure the size of different objects. Asking them to write the numbers down can be a good way to help them recognise different numbers.

* Playing a number guessing game can be a fun way to teach young children about numbers. For example, if you have a countdown timer on your oven, ask your child to guess what number will come next.

* Playing imaginative play that involves money can be a good way to develop number skills in under fives. Buy your toddler a toy cash till and toy money and play shopkeepers with her is a fun way to learn about numbers and money.