Fundamentally Children: parenting advice site!

Mums are always on the hunt for good advice and these days the internet is our go to. The thing with online sources is that there are many and not all of them are ‘good’, so when you find one that is the news has to be shared (it’s the right thing to do). Fundamentally Children is a new website, founded by Dr Amanda Gummer – authority on child development, play and parenting and Lucy Gill, expert in children’s technology and e-safety – as a life-line to parents needing independent advice on child development, play and technology.

fundamentally children

The team dishing the advice, commentary and reviews on the site are (currently) all women, all mums, who have nearly 200 years of parenting experience, including:

22 successful potty trainings (1 currently in progress)
7,330 broken nights’ sleep
856 knees rubbed better
26 outbreaks of nits
17 hormonal teenager strops
1218 awkward questions answered
19 trips to A and E
3 broken hearts mended with ice cream and cuddles
2 university graduates
8 fussy eaters
9 naughty steps
43,800 bedtime stories
216 temper tantrums
5,200 pieces of artwork stuck to the fridge
177 birthday cakes made (37 bought!)
29 groundings
243 TV bans
1 unauthorised house party
Countless grey hairs made up for with…
70,800 bedtime kisses.

Pretty well equipped to be telling us about parenting wouldn’t ya say?

Visit for ideas, information and advice on all things to do with child development and play.