How to Get Your Baby’s Footprint Right – the First Time

Baby footprint art is super cute – and it seems so simple, right?

Until you try to get those little tootsies to actually make said footprint, that is. And one that doesn’t resemble an indiscernible Rorschach ink blot, preferably.

foot print

If you want a guaranteed way to preserve the memory of your bub’s impossibly tiny feet (before they’re big enough to escape your clutches), check out these failsafe tips to get a perfect stamp – and without the mess, too.

How to do it:

Get all your supplies ready, and then have your baby sitting in his swing or high chair, or on someone else’s lap to keep him still.

You’ll need:

  • A bottle of fabric paint (or more than one if you plan on using different colours)
  • A few paper plates
  • Plenty of baby wipes
  • The item or items you want to stamp the print onto
  • A piece of cardboard (if the item is fabric)
  • A drop cloth, old rags or newspaper
  • A smock for yourself (you know those lil’ legs will aim straight for your nice new shirt the second paint is applied)

Protect your work area with paper or rags and make sure all your supplies are within reach.

Get your baby seated (as explained above). Squirt fabric paint about the size of a walnut on a paper plate and smear his foot in the paint. Make sure to get paint on each toe, especially at the part of the foot where the toe and foot meet. Avoid applying too much paint to his foot or else the stamp will come out more blob than footprint.

As fabric paint is non-toxic and will wash off, don’t worry if some of it gets under baby’s nails.

Before pressing his foot onto the item you’re about to embellish, try a test print on a piece of paper or another paper plate to make sure you’ve got the right amount of paint to achieve your desired effect.

HINT: Don’t use a paintbrush as the soft bristles will tickle and make your model pull away!

The key point – bring the item to him, not him to the item, and press the item flat onto his foot, holding his ankle and foot still with one hand, and the item with the other. Hold his foot in place for just a few seconds as it doesn’t take long for the paint to transfer to the fabric.

If you’re making more than one print, you may need to reapply the paint, and make sure to wipe down the foot and toes before switching colours. If you’re transferring the print onto fabric, stretch it over the cardboard to prevent the paint from bleeding through.

Job done!