How to Get More Veg into Your Baby’s Weaning Adventure

Once you officially embark on the weaning journey with your baby, you’ll quickly discover his preferences – and for many little ones, sweet flavours trump all else. In short, proffering fruit goes down a lot better than dangling a carrot stick and hoping babs will bite…so to speak.

Baby in high chair

The key to ensuring your tot will develop a taste for vegetables is repeated exposure, and in a variety of ways. Check out Infant Nutritional Therapist at Piccolo, Alice Fotheringham’s top tips on upping your entire family’s intake of veg – the fun way.

Batch roast vegetables: Line a roasting dish with foil, cut several sweet potato, carrot and parsnip into long batons. Drizzle over a generous glug of rapeseed oil, and lightly layer with dried or fresh complementary herbs (like rosemary, thyme or sage). Roast for approximately 35 mins on 180C. These will make the perfect baby-led weaning finger food, snack, or side dish for full-on family dinners.

Dip it. Veg is great dipped or as dip; cut a variety of raw veggies – think peppers, cucumber, carrots, etc. – into batons and serve with a fave dip, or whizz up cooked beets, peas, olives or roasted sweet potato into shop bought hummus. This is also fab for everyone’s lunchboxes – and should you ever have the time or inclination to host an actual grownup get-together – entrees.

Put vegetables into a small bowl as an appetiser while you finish up the mains. If the kiddies (the adult ones, too) are hungry enough, you’ll be surprised at what they’ll be willing to try.

Grate some carrot and courgette into the fam’s beloved red pasta sauce. Hint: use a fine grating attachment if they’re a suspicious lot.

Quick veg and egg meals: omelettes, frittatas and fritters are a busy mum’s BFF – super-speedy and simple one pan dishes that can be thrown together using frozen, canned, grated and leftover vegetables, protein-packed egg and a sprinkling of cheese.