Gorilla Handles Kid’s Bad Behaviour Like a Pro

We may be top of the food chain (or something like that), but it’d be a tad presumptuous to assume the human species has learned all there is to learn — and about parenting is no exception.

Gorilla and baby

The Animal Kingdom in particular has plenty tips to impart on offspring management; check out this primate big daddy dishing out the discipline like a pro.

Visitors to the San Diego Zoo received some realtime effective communication education when this Silverback pops had to put his sand-throwing squirt in his place.

Daddy Gorilla uses the power of eye contact, and probably a few choice grunts, to get his point across – and then – most importantly – appears to chalk the misdemeanour up to a banana slip-up and moves on: no screaming matches, no meltdowns. A lesson in there, maybe?

(Of course, this impressive example of conflict-resolution has one fairly, uh, big advantage: what kid would wanna make his dad ask twice when he looks like this…?)

For more pointers from the wild on how to parent your own beasties, check out these penguin, clownfish and crocodile role models in action.

Via fatherly.com