Got Pregnancy Lips? Check Out the Science Behind Your Plumping Pout

It’s not just the belly and the other two bs that balloon exponentially during pregnancy – your lips can plump up, too. Here’s the facts behind those free and au naturel fillers…

Pouting lips

Gail Johnson, Education Advisor at the Royal College of Midwives, explains:

“During pregnancy the action of hormones means that blood vessels dilate more which can mean that the body retains more fluid in the tissues during pregnancy.

“This is often most common in the lower limbs, but can also happen elsewhere for example the fingers, the face and sometimes the lips.

“The lips have good surface blood vessels network which give the lips their colour and also are sensitive due to many nerve endings.

“The pregnancy hormones both increase the volume of blood circulating and relax blood vessels so they are fuller.” What’s more; oestrogen levels increase over the course of pregnancy, so a subtle bee-stung look can gradually become full-on swelling.

But this shouldn’t be a cause for concern, says Gail.

“If this happens women should not be worried, as it will generally settle down by itself.”

However, it is important to keep in mind that while swelling is a pesky, but standard part of pregnancy, sometimes it can be an indicator for pre-eclampsia — although most instances of prenatal swelling are not paired with a pre-eclampsia diagnosis. The key signs to look out for are sudden swelling, not alleviated by rest, in addition to severe headaches, vision problems, severe pain below ribs or vomiting. If you should experience any of the above, contact your doctor immediately.

Usually, though, your ample pucker (and ample-everything-else) is just another ‘perk’ of being preggers — for more weird pregnancy symptoms, check out this surprising list.