Government investigates discrimination faced by pregnant women in the work place

Big news of the moment is the newly launched government initiative to investigate discrimination faced by pregnant women in the work place – the 9,000 complaints lodged by pregnant women or women on maternity leave since 2007 (that’s an average of around 1,286 complaints per year) have finally evoked a response.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) will be responsible for the investigation.

The apparent fact seems to be that many women are losing their jobs (or being side-lined) after maternity leave. Which is, in fact, illegal – according to the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

The EHRC also plans to organise a campaign targeting employers and employees in a bid to draw attention to discrimination rights and obligations concerning pregnancy and maternity.

It’s great that the spotlight is being placed on the rights of UK mums – who definitely deserve to have a fair chance in the workplace; after all, it is parents who are raising the next generation of leaders, workers and thinkers.

The importance of the parental role cannot be emphasised enough, and it’s important for employers to acknowledge this with fairness and due respect.

It’s also important for women and families who have been wronged to speak up – to share their experience sin the name of making things better!

Have you settled for lower status and lower status since returning to work after you maternity leave? Have you faced work-place discrimination as a result of your pregnancy? Share your story with us!

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