Gummee Glove – teething mitten for babies

If you suspect that your small baby is teething – all that whining, drooling and finger chewing/sucking – there’s a new chewy toy on the market which might just pique your interest.

Gummee Glove is a teething mitten for babies who are unable to hold a teething toy. It is designed for babies over three months because by this age although babies are not fully coordinated they should be sufficiently dexterous to get hand to mouth.

You could try the mitten on older babies (who might mistake it for a boxing glove and thus a reason to biff a sibling – just joking – unless you were born into my family) but babes with more control of their limbs are likely to remove the glove so that their hand is free to engage on any mischief it so chooses. In other words – Gummee Glove really is for small babies.

It attaches to baby’s hand with a Velcro clasp (both safe and secure), and has a detachable water-filled teether (in pink or blue), which can be removed for sterilising or refrigerating. The mitten also features several other protrusions for baby to teeth on as well as a black and white crinkle square that provides sound stimulation for baby (teaching cause and effect).

Gummee Mitten comes with its own laundry bag – great for transporting and for washing.

There are some washing restrictions when it comes to sterilising the teether – cold water only (CLICK HERE for further details).

To read press and reviews on Gummee Glove, visit The glove costs £9.99, from the site or Amazon.

Has your baby used Gummee Glove? If so, what’s the verdict?