Has my baby got a cold or something more severe?

There are over 200 different cold viruses and unfortunately your baby, having an undeveloped immune system, is prone to picking up these many viruses.

During the winter months, germs and viruses are literally overflowing in airborne droplets, meaning the chances that your baby will become infected are extremely likely.

 Has my baby got a cold or something more severe?

In fact, with such a high amount of germs around, your child is likely to have as many as 12 colds every year. But how can you answer the question ‘Has my baby got a cold or something more severe?’

Some of the biggest tell-tale signs that your youngster has a cold is a runny nose, being uncharacteristically irritable, having a sore throat and a blocked nose.

These are the most common symptoms of a cold but if these symptoms are accompanied with a fever, headaches, shivering, loss of appetite, aching muscles and general discomfort, it may mean that your child has the flu.

Flu within babies and young children often leads to lethargy and a lack of wanting to feed. If your baby is showing signs of a loss of appetite, is uncharacteristically tired, or has a fever, seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

As babies have a tendency to pick everything within their reach up and put it in their mouths, it is not uncommon for a child’s blocked nose to be caused by an object stuck inside the infant’s nostril.

If your baby’s nose is running from one nostril only, if the discharge is unpleasant to smell, or if it contains traces of blood, it may well mean that there is an object blocking one of the nostrils and, as above, you may need to seek medical assistance, urgently.

Hay fever can be another cause of runny noses and is often accompanied by an itchy nose and sneezing. Although hay fever is usually an affliction of springtime and the summer and does no usually affect us during the winter months.

If you are worried at all about your baby or child’s health then do not hesitate to make an appointment with the doctor.