Heirlooms make the best baby gifts

The ironic thing about baby gifts is that the tiny life receiving the carefully thought out bequest that you have selected and presented, will, in all likelihood, never even know that you gave it, or what it was.

In fact, baby gifts are often more about mum and dad than baby – I know that when my children receive gifts it sort of feels like I am getting a present too.

There is, however, one way around the unavoidable anonymity of a baby gift; an heirloom gift – something that lasts beyond days and months… something that withstands years and doesn’t date by virtue of that fact that it’s a keepsake. Heirlooms make the best baby gifts!

There are loads of lovely heirloom-type gifts that populate the web – JK Keepsake is one such brand. Inspired by the idea of passing something on with love, JK Keepsake creates handmade baby gifts that will be handed on (and down) as heirlooms.

The ‘littleones’ keepsakes collection features cowboy-style gingham bibs, bunny hats, socks, rompers and joggers – all lovely but to remain as keepsakes, things that could only be worn a couple of times (babies are messy, spewy little creatures at the best of times).

JK Keepsake cushions, on the other hand, are perfect heirloom gifts. Made as bespoke items, they could feature a baby’s name, birth date, maybe the first letter of a name – they’re bright, beautiful and a really fabulous gift.

Framed embroidery is also another keepsake item featured in the JK range, and something that’s definitely a worthy baby gift is the Tilly Hooded Bath Towel (featuring embroidered letters), which come in different sizes – it’s not all that easy to find nice big hooded bath towels for older babies, so this is great!

If you’re keen to find out more about the JK Keepsake collection, visit jkkeepsake.co.uk.