Help baby sleep on the go

Having a baby does not mean that your days of gadding about have to be over. Obviously a little compromise is required, and there is no such thing as ‘just popping out’ when you have kids but going out – baby in tow – is totally do-able.

I’ve hauled my girls all over the place – one is great at sleeping on-the-go, the other isn’t. I try and work going out into their routines and have been pretty successful thus far.

help baby sleep on the go

Apart from these 5 simple ways, something that may help baby sleep on the go is the Sleep-pod; it’s a baby sleep shade that aims to help babies sleep on the go. It features a roll-down blackout blind and a fully opening solar screen mesh viewing panel that regulates air flow and screens 73% to 99% of UV rays. The Sleep-pod is suitable from birth to four years.

My girls have grown up in London, so sirens, buses, pedestrians – and all the rest of the city hubbub – seem to sit comfortably in their conscious and unconscious phases of being.

They aren’t really woken by noise. But wind! Oh dreaded wind! It is the worst destroyer of peaceful baby sleep ever.

The reason I like the Sleep-pod is because it protects baba from the elements; cold, sun, glare… and wind.

Yet, it also caters for the elements; letting the sun in if you wish, and allowing a cool breeze to blow over your baby on a scorcher of a day.

It’s also a flexible little sleep shade – fitting on most prams and push chairs, the Sleep-pod can be used in four different ways:

Snooze: blind pulls down for sleep mode.

View: zip-up solar screen mesh for viewing mode.

Half Blind: old blind to use as sun visor.

Open: blind and mesh panel fold away.

And the cost? – £19.99. For more info on this product, CLICK HERE.