Help stop leg swelling in pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant her body produces about 50% more fluids and blood to meet the demands of the developing baby.

Swelling is usually caused by the additional flow of fluid and blood. Swelling of the legs and other parts of the body is a common part of pregnancy and whilst it may be uncomfortable, the swelling usually subsides after a good rest.

 Help stop leg swelling in pregnancy

Whilst being brought a nice cup of tea and a long rest with your feet propped up usually helps to reduce the swelling and ease the discomfort, being waited on and keeping your feet up for a whole nine months, for the majority of us, is not a viable option, particularly if you have other young children to look after!

This is when products that are designed to help stop leg swelling in pregnancy can prove to be a highly valuable and soothing.

Check out five top products to reduce leg swelling in pregnancy.

Reflexology slippers

The beauty of reflexology slippers is that you can wear them wherever you go. These pampering slippers massage and sooth tired feet and are ideal for helping to reduce leg swelling during pregnancy.

Lavender oil

This luxury oil is the ultimate in self-indulgence and pampering and, when massaged into the legs and feet, can help reduce the swelling and provide comfort – Even better if you can get someone to do the massaging for you!

Maternity support tights

MicroCool material maternity support tights draw heat away from the skin and in doing so can help, not only relieve swelling of the feet, ankles and legs, but can even help prevent it.

Foot massager

If you can’t find anyone to massage your feet for you, you’ll have to make do with a foot massager, which actually can be a pretty good substitute!

Modern foot massagers are small and compact and gently vibrate, roll and massage to sooth aching feet and legs.

Burts Bees Mama Bee Leg and Foot Crème

In aiding the circulation of the blood, this specially formulated lotion is specifically designed for pregnant ladies and to help reduce swelling and ease comfort.