Help with postnatal depression

For help with postnatal depression, here’s five tips on how to beat the ‘post-baby blues’.

Having a baby has a huge impact on a parent’s life and with a helpless tiny human being completely dependent on you; it is only natural to feel apprehensive, lonely and even depressed now and then. If you are feeling stressed out or down after having a baby it is advisable to go and see a doctor who will help with postnatal depression.

Knowing you are not alone helps and so common are the feelings of uselessness and loneliness after giving birth that there is a plethora of tips and advice on how to make life with your newborn as enjoyable as it should be.

You may find the following help with postnatal depression if you are, like approximately 80 per cent of new mums, feeling a little weepy, tired and stressed following the arrival of your baby.

* For some parents, falling in love with their baby does not happen straight away. If you don’t feel that you are ‘in love with your baby’, try not to feel guilty or stressed, as such strong feelings may not come at once. Instead, focus on positive things that will help develop a bond between you and your baby, such as skin to skin contact, cuddling and holding her.

* Taking some time away from your baby can be a good way to refresh you both mentally and physically. Ask your partner, a friend or a relative to take the baby out for a few hours so that you can catch up on some ‘you’ time and have a rest.

* Joining groups such as mother and baby groups or breastfeeding clinics can be a great way to get out and about, discuss any problems or advice with other mothers and meet new people.

* Don’t put pressure on yourself by trying to juggle everything. If you need to concentrate on your baby, forget about the housework it can wait.

* Just because your baby may not be sleeping through night, latching on properly or feeding as well as she should be, don’t punish yourself by feeling you are failing as a mother. You are not; every baby is different, some being less ‘easy’ to look after than others. Remember, you are doing a great job, and like every job, motherhood takes time to perfect!