Helpful guide to buying a highchair

Your baby is quickly approaching six months and you will soon be introducing him to solids. It is good practise to get your baby used to ‘sitting up’ at the table with the family at meal times at around six months.

A highchair is a great parental purchase, as not only will it help your little one get used to food, but many mums find that putting some toys or a colouring books and crayons on the highchair will keep you toddler well entertained and safe whilst they can get on with the vacuuming or washing up!

Either way, a decent, strong and dependable highchair is a great buy, after all your little one could be still using in two or three years time. Here’s our helpful guide to buying a highchair.

1-    ‘Self contained’ highchairs

‘Self contained’ highchairs, which come with their own little tray, have advantages over ‘tray-less’ highchairs. The mess your baby will inevitably make whilst he is being introduced to food will (mostly) fall onto the tray, making cleaning up a lot easier. Also, as mentioned above, highchairs with trays can be a good place for your child to sit and play safely. Although the benefit of highchairs without trays is that they can be pushed right up to the table, making your child feel like he is ‘joining in’ the family meal more.

2 – Adjustable height

Your baby grows extremely quickly at this age and therefore buying a highchair which the height can be adjusted to ‘grow with’ your toddler is sensible.

3 – How strong is the highchair?

Highchairs need to be strong to accommodate for your baby’s squirming, fidgeting and of course growing. Plastic highchairs are often inexpensive but flimsy and may be able to support your baby’s weight at six months, but will it be able to at 24 months? In this sense, wooden highchairs are often more sturdy than plastic ones.

4 – How safe is the highchair?

The day will come when your baby tries to wriggle his way out of his highchair. A safety harness is an imperative feature of a decent highchair to prevent your little one slipping out between the seat and the tray.

5 – Will the highchair be easy to clean?

Meal times and babies mean mess, it is unavoidable! Avoid buying a highchair with lots of accessories as food will inevitably be smeared into the nooks and crannies. Consider the ‘cleanability’ of a highchair before you make your purchase.