Here’s Why Newborns Sneeze So Much

Of all the quirks newborns possess, the multitude of teeny, tiny sneezes have to be one of the cutest (although hairy little ears do come a close second). Apart from being cute, the constant achoos are also common–and normal.

Sneezing baby

“My baby Gabe often is about to sneeze and then it just… goes!” Says gsmummy55 on the madeformums forum.

“Then when he finally sneezes he says “ahhhh” and laughs! It’s so cute.”

Sound familiar?

If your little one is showing no other symptoms related to a cold, what does the sneezing mean?

Baby expert and GP Dr Philippa Kaye explains–

“Your baby’s lungs were filled with fluid when they were in your womb.

“As your baby travelled through the birth canal, this fluid tends to be squeezed out but a little may remain causing them to sneeze!

“This is more common in babies born by Caesarean section as they have not had the time in the birth canal to get rid of the fluid.

“Sneezing is also the way that your baby learns to clear any particles or dust from their nose and to open a closed nostril – so it doesn’t always mean that they have a cold.”

What’s important to remember is that even though all weird miscellaneous noises your baby makes (including the sneezing) to clear his breathing passages may sound pretty abnormal–even alarming, newborns are quite efficient at clearing their airways of mucous–it just takes Mum and Dad some getting used to!

Dr Kaye does however note that should your newborn have a temperature, he needs to be seen by a doctor.

Via madeformums